What We Offer

We offer an excellent selection of quality food for all our residential groups. Over the years we have always got excellent feedback from our customers about the catering provided on campus. Our experienced staff are very committed to providing a varied range of quality food on a daily basis.

For non-residential groups using our sports complex we offer a range of catering options including:

  • Coffee and confectionery shop
  • Packed lunches
  • Full hot meals

Our restaurant can seat up to 300 people.

State of the art kitchen

Continental or cooked breakfast available.

Hot lunch and hot dinner served each day.

We can accommodate all food preferences and food allergies.

Outdoor Barbeque

We can offer all our groups a full outdoor BBQ. Our catering staff prepare a full range of BBQ food based on your group requirements. Everyone enjoys a tasty barbeque in the picturesque surroundings of Gormanston Park.

This is an excellent option to add something different to your event programme.

Our Partners

With over 450 beds available all year round, a range of meeting rooms, quality catering options, extensive indoor & outdoor sporting facilities and a range of social activities, our 110-acre campus with Gormanston Castle and gardens, is a unique and spectacular location for your group event.

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Sample Team Building Programme

0900-1100Outdoor Pitch Training SessionCourtlough Adventure Centre
1100-1300Outdoor Pitch Training SessionCourtlough Adventure Centre
1400-1600Outdoor Pitch Training SessionNutrition & Wellbeing ClassroomTeam Review
1600-1800Circus Skills WorkshopPerformance & Personal DevelopmentDepart
1900-2100Pilates & Mobility SessionDiversity & Inclusion
2100-2300Quiz NightMovie Night

Sample Weekend Training Programme

0900-1100Pilates & Mobility SessionOutdoor Pitch Training Session
1100-1300Outdoor Pitch Training SessionOutdoor Pitch Training Session
1400-1600Outdoor Pitch Training SessionOutdoor Pitch Training SessionPilates & Mobility Session
1600-1800Strength & Conditioning Gym SessionStrength & Conditioning Gym SessionTeam Review
1900-2100Nutrition & Wellbeing ClassroomVideo Analysis Classroom
2100-2300Quiz NightMovie Night

Fitness Time Table

6am-7amSpin Cardio
7am-8amStrenght Mobility
6pm-7pmKettle Bell